Meet the Parents of our beautiful Wheaten babies!


Ariel is our “Adventurer”. She is very calm and relaxed, but will explore new things when she gets a chance. She loves attention and has the “Wheatin’ Greetin” down pat! She is very sweet natured and dependent. She is always catching your eye to see if you approve. She and Tasha are true buddies. She is AKC registered, American coat and weighs approx. 32 lbs.

Tasha is a ‘Love Bug’. She has a wonderful temperament and is so sweet! She likes to be right with you, sleeping at your feet or riding ‘shot gun’ in the car. She doesn’t know a stranger and will introduce herself to anyone who comes her way! She is loving and affectionate and will melt your heart. Tasha has the “Wheaten Greetin” mastered! She is AKC reg., American coat and weighs approx. 30 lbs.

Moey looks a little mischievous in this picture, but really, she is the farthest thing from that. 🙂 She has such a calm, sweet, and very gentle personality. She almost immediately rolls over for you to rub her tummy as soon as you start petting her. She is also a wonderful mama. She is AKC reg., American coat and weighs approx. 30 lbs.

Adirondack is the handsome, stately looking fella that loves everyone immensely, and is such a pup at heart. He loves life to the fullest! Loves to play, play and then play some more! He is AKC registered, has an American coat and weighs aprox. 45lbs.


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