img_0210 If you are debating on whether or not a Wheaten Terrier is the dog for you-debate no further! This breed is one of the most loving, loyal, smart and hilarious breeds that I have ever met. Sullivan is my first Wheaten and I will never own anything but Wheatens! He has completely stole my heart and has been a great addition to the family! He gets along so well with his Jack Russell cousins as well! Julie was a great breeder to purchase a Wheaten. From the beginning, she asked questions to make sure that her pups are going to good homes and that the fit will work for both the needs of the owners, as well as the pups. She sent updated pictures throughout the first 8 weeks and kept you updated as the babies were progressing. She is knowledgeable about the breed and is available to answer any questions that you may have. She loves each of these puppies as they are her own and takes special care of them in the first critical weeks of their life. My Sullivan is the wild, healthy, and social Wheatie that he is partly due to his breeding and care in those most important first weeks. You will be very happy with your choice of a Wheaten Terrier and Windsong Wheatens is a wonderful place to start your Wheaten journey!!

Sailor is loving the DC area! It has been a year full of adventures for him. He is healthy, energetic and losing his puppy color quickly. He immediately stole our hearts and everyone’s that he meets. He is full of love and is having a hard time giving up the Wheaten greeting. He is a mini celebrity in Annapolis where we spend most of our weekends. He likes the sailboat, but is working on loving the water. We get so many compliments on how handsome he is and we have given our your name several times. Sailor2Even our groomer went from not enjoying wheatens to wanting one after meeting Sailor.

We recently moved to a house with a nice big backyard which he loves to explore. We fenced in the yard for him and he is living the life! He is also excited to become a big brother in February as we are expecting our first child. We can’t wait to see how they interact.


Windsong Wheatens is exactly the type of breeder where I wished to find a new member of my family. This is a caring breeder, out in the country, that makes sure their fine puppies are going to good homes. My Rooney is a smart, loving, energetic and handsome boy!  I’m beyond happy with choosing them after much research and would gladly do so again.




MISSY & DOUGAL: If you have a live, energetic teddy bear to call your own and to climb completely into your heart, then a Wheaten Terrier is for you.

As the pictures here show, Wheatens are just the most loveable and love-giving dogs around. We have nicknamed Dougal as ‘Sir Lick-a-lot’, because he has a seemingly endless ability to lick and give love. There is nothing that Missy likes more than curling up next to one of us and falling asleep with her head on our laps.

Pictures speak a thousand words and I hope the ones that I have sent, will show you how amazing these dogs are. I think the only thing they love more than us, is snow. They can frolick in the snow for hours, if we don’t stop them. We cannot imagine life without them in our family.

missydougale missydougal6 missydougal5  missydougal2Their soft furry coats will bring in everything from the outside, so be aware of lots of brushing and cleaning up. And they don’t like being alone: don’t get one if you’re planning to leave them every day by themselves for 12 to 14 hours whilst you’re at work. Ours get a daily hike in the nearby forest — and of course a swim, if it is warm enough.

This is our first Wheaten Terrier breed and, despite the challenges in training this terrier breed, they have exceeded our every expectation of expanding our family with dog members.


EOWYN:  Eowyn We are so happy with our Wheaten! I named her Eowyn from Return of the King. She is a wonderful addition to our family-we LOVE her! She gets along almost too well with our Rottie;) She is very loving, smart and funny, too.  I’d definitely buy another from you in the future. I am very pleased with her.



chanceCHANCE: It’s been a great almost year and one half since we picked up Chance back on a cold/snowy February 2014 Saturday.  We all love him so much and that love is returned all the time.  Chance is a smart, energetic and obedient member or our family.  He loves his walks, time in the woods, water and snow!  He is great with all other dogs and people alike.  Your description of him back at that time was right on.  Chance loves to play, but at the same time loves to sit with us at our feet when we are having down time.  We are truly blessed and fortunate to have him with us.  Hope all is well with all of you in Pennsylvania.  We definitely have a bond with your family now that Chance is a part of ours ~ Suzanne


SADIE: Sadie is doing great. She loves the water and is super playful. We left her tail alone and we are SO thrilled
with that decision. It is always fun to watch her get excited about playing when her tail wags. I keep her hair trimmed in the ‘puppy cut’ and love the look. It’s not the traditional Wheaten, but I like it better for Sadie ~ Kristen





Nick & Nora: Hi – our puppies which we purchased from you are now almost a year old – Feb 14 is their birthday. Their names are Nick and Nora – like the husband and wife detective team who starred in movies from the 1940?s. They have been terrific. We love them. And this was the first dog experience for both of us. So I guess we got lucky. [MORE]



If you’re reading this, chances are you discovered Julie Bradford’s ‘Wind Song Wheatens’ the same way I did– by scouring the internet searching for one of the happiest, bounciest, lovingest (is that a word), dogs on the planet. And, if you’re within driving distance to Millersburg, Pennsylvania, you can stop searching! Julie carefully chooses the puppy parents, births them in her home, starts their vet care, gets them acclimated to a crate environment (which greatly aids housebreaking and care) and handles them to get them used to humans. Our concern, upon adoption of a puppy, was his health.. [MORE]



Joy: Our “Joy”, smallest of the litter of Fall 2010, is a real JOY! We are still working on curbing what we have come to understand is known as ‘The Wheaten Greet’in” but we are so thrilled with her loving temperament. [MORE]

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