SADIE: Sadie is doing great. She loves the water and is super playful. We left hertail alone and we are SO thrilled with that decision. It is always fun to watch her get excited about playing when her tail wags. I keep her hair trimmed in the “puppy cut” and love the look. It’s not the traditional Wheaten, but I like it better for Sadie. ~Kristen Henry [MORE]




Nick & Nora: Hi – our puppies which we purchased from you are now almost a year old – feb 14 is their birthday. Their names are Nick and Nora – like the husband and wife detective team who starred in movies from the 1940?s. They have been terrific. We love them. And this was the first dog experience for both of us. So I guess we got lucky. [MORE]



If you’re reading this, chances are you discovered Julie Bradford’s ‘Wind Song Wheatens’ the same way I did– by scouring the internet searching for one of the happiest, bounciest, lovingest (is that a word), dogs on the planet. And, if you’re within driving distance to Millersburg, Pennsylvania, you can stop searching! Julie carefully chooses the puppy parents, births them in her home, starts their vet care, gets them acclimated to a crate environment (which greatly aids housebreaking and care) and handles them to get them used to humans. Our concern, upon adoption of a puppy, was his health.. [MORE]



Joy: Our “Joy”, smallest of the litter of Fall 2010, is a real JOY! We are still working on curbing what we have come to understand is known as ‘The Wheaten Greet’in” but we are so thrilled with her loving temperament. [MORE]




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